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Man protecting hearing aid from the cold

Winter in Denver can be magical, with sparkling snow everywhere and plenty of fun things to do. But if you have hearing aids, you will need to take steps to protect them from the cold and wet.

To help you do this, our audiologist at Echo Hearing Center has some tips to help you protect your hearing aids all winter long.

How Winter Can Affect Hearing Aids

Hearing aids are tiny computers we can wear in our ears, and like any other small electronic device, they are sensitive to cold and moisture. During winter, it is far more likely that your hearing aids will be exposed to cold and wet.

Not only can the outside casing of the hearing aid come in contact with moisture, but the inner workings can become endangered as you move between the cold outside and the warm indoors. This happens because of the cold moisture in the air, which can bead up on the casing as you warm up and can slip into the many openings in your hearing aids. But there are ways to prevent common winter damage from happening to your hearing aids.

Best Ways To Protect Your Hearing Aids Throughout Winter

There are many ways you can to protect your hearing aids throughout the winter months. Some of the best ways which our audiologist recommends are:

  • Use a hearing aid dehumidifier – Using a hearing aid dehumidifier at night can help ensure your hearing aids are free of dangerous moisture buildup, as this machine gently draws the moisture out of hearing aids when it is in use. By utilizing the dehumidifier nightly, you can keep your hearing aids free of moisture all winter long.
  • Keep your hearing aids covered when outdoors – When you are outside during the winter, do your best to keep your hearing aids covered. You can use hats, scarves, earmuffs, and headbands to keep the devices from becoming too cold or wet.
  • Take out your hearing aids during winter sports – While it is natural to want to wear your hearing aids at all times, it may be best to keep your hearing aids safely inside their case indoors if you are going to enjoy winter sports like skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing, ice skating, and other activities. All it would take is a simple tumble, and your hearing aids can disappear into a snow bank, without a way to find them until spring.
  • Store your hearing aid batteries in a cool, not cold, area – Hearing aid batteries can become damaged by too cold temperatures and moisture. Make sure you store them in areas where they can stay cool but not cold, and safely dry.

For more assistance with protecting your hearing aids this winter or other hearing-related needs, contact us. We are looking forward to helping you achieve the best hearing possible!