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About Hearing Aid Comparison

At Echo Hearing Center we have hearing aids for every lifestyle and budget. All of our hearing aids come with a lifetime in office servicing and adjustments. Depending on the level of technology our hearing aids carry a 2-4 year manufacturer warranty that covers all of the components inside the hearing aid and a 2-year loss and damage insurance coverage. Private insurance and extended warranty coverage are also available. Which digital hearing technology best suits your lifestyle?

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Premium Technology

Designed for dynamic lifestyles. Optimum performance in demanding listening environments. A premium treatment plan is designed for use in a much wider variety of listening environments, including those with higher levels of background noise.

Good for a dynamic lifestyle such as:

  • Busy office
  • Busy restaurant
  • Frequent cell phone use
  • Concerts
  • Parties
  • Events

Advanced Technology

Designed for active lifestyles. Excellent performance in a variety of listening environments. An advanced treatment plan is suited for those who enjoy many activities with moderate levels of background noise.

Image of four families having good time together

Good for an active lifestyle such as:

  • Religious services
  • Movies
  • Music
  • Shopping
  • Quiet Restaurants
  • Meetings

Mid- Level Technology

Designed for someone who is social and around environments with minimal to moderate background noise. Ideal for those who prefer to mostly relax at home with occasional social outings in quieter environments.

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Good for a social lifestyle such as:

  • Small group gatherings
  • Quiet music
  • Outdoor activities

Basic Technology

Designed for calm lifestyles. Appropriate performance for communication in quiet, less demanding listening situations.

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Good for a quiet lifestyle such as:

  • Home activities
  • TV and telephone
  • Quiet outdoor activities
  • Casual conversation

Benefits of Hearing Technology

All hearing technology includes 60-day risk-free trial, 3 years free batteries, and unlimited office visits (cleanings/check-ups/re-programming) for the life of the device. All devices include 2-year repair warranty and 2 year Loss/Damage coverage.

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