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Person is adjusting hearing aid

At Echo Hearing Center, we’ve heard all the most common excuses to avoid buying hearing aids. To help you move past your own potential objections, our audiologist wanted to address the seven most common excuses for not buying hearing aids.

1. “It’s not me, it’s you!”

Hearing loss has a tendency to sneak up on people, as it is usually a gradual process brought on over time by noise damage. This slow decline in hearing can be easy to miss, causing you to believe you’re fine – it’s the people around you who are mumbling or speaking too quietly.

But consider this: is it more likely that everyone is mumbling and speaking too quietly or that your hearing is the problem? A simple hearing test can answer this question for you. If you’re tired of everyone speaking so quietly around you, consider testing your hearing to see if we can solve this problem for you.

2. “Hearing aids create more problems than they solve.”

If you were to buy over-the-counter hearing aids then you’d likely be stuck with something that fits poorly and has limited capabilities. This tends to leave our patients feeling unenthused about their hearing devices, tossing them in a drawer, and regretting the purchase. Whether this has been your experience or a trusted friend’s experience, know that this is not the intended outcome when you are fitted for hearing aids at Echo Hearing.

To recommend a great pair of hearing aids, our audiologist considers your lifestyle needs, hearing loss level, budget, and other personalized factors. This allows us to fit you with a comfortable set of hearing aids. We can then program the hearing aid to suit your daily needs. Avoid one-size-fits-all hearing solutions and you’ll see that a hearing aid can dramatically change your everyday life for the better.

3. “I cannot afford hearing aids.”

Hearing aids have a range of price points, so anyone can find hearing aids to fit within their budget – even if you’re on a fixed income or limited to what your insurance will cover. Our staff will work with you to recommend budget-friendly hearing aids. Ask about our financing options as well! We’re eager to help you hear better and are prepared to make that goal possible.

4. “Hearing aids will make me look old.”

There have been great strides made in hearing aid styles, from the traditional Behind-The-Ear hearing aid to the nearly unseen Invisible-In-Canal hearing aid. Depending on your level of hearing loss, you can choose a discreet hearing aid which will remain unseen by others.

5. “It doesn’t really matter if I can hear perfectly.”

Your hearing can affect more aspects of your life than simply your ability to hear sounds. Hearing loss has also been known to:

  • Significantly increase the risk of developing dementia
  • Lead to balance issues due to inner ear troubled
  • Cause social isolation and depression
  • Increase tinnitus symptoms as there is less sound feedback
6. “These new features are too hard to use.”

With the proper hearing aid counseling with our audiologist, you can learn to master the use of your hearing aids. Many of them can also sync with your smartphone, making managing your hearing aids as easy as opening an app.

7. “I don’t know where to find the right hearing aids.”

To work with an independent hearing aid provider who will only offer you the hearing aids which will match your needs, you should work with Echo Hearing Center. We provide personalized hearing evaluations and hearing aid counseling to help you find the right hearing aids for your particular hearing needs.

If you are ready to have your hearing tested to see which hearing aids are right for you, contact us for an appointment today.