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Echo Gives Back Program

At Echo Hearing Center, we have made it our mission to give the precious gift of sound back to our patients. We are truly grateful for the opportunity that we have almost every day to help people hear better. This is what gives us joy, and indeed is our very reason to exist. Far too often, we meet wonderful people in our community who badly need hearing aids, but truly do not have financial means to purchase them. Unfortunately, many of these people will not qualify or have not been able to obtain help from the government or other hearing aid funding programs. In an effort to help as many people as possible, we created the Echo Gives Back Program. This is a program that we are very proud of and is a really big part of who we are.

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How It Works

Echo Hearing Center has decided that for every ten people fit with hearing devices, we provide free hearing devices to a qualified recipient through our Echo Gives Back program. The initial hearing evaluation, hearing aids themselves, and office visits for fitting, cleanings, and adjustments are donated to the recipient by Echo Hearing Center.

Soon after the program began, we realized that we had one problem. The waiting list was getting too long, and these wonderful people who are in desperate need of hearing help would be waiting for too long. We came up with another idea to help speed the process along.

Donate Now

In addition to Echo Hearing Center donating 1 for every 10, each of the wonderful people on the waiting list is set up with a GoFundMe page which allows friends, family, or even complete strangers make donations towards the purchase of hearing aids. People can donate for a specific person, or for the general fund. Every dollar counts, and all donations help everyone on the list move up the list more quickly.

We are relying on the kindness, compassion, and generosity of everyone in the community to help us bring the gift of sound back into the lives of those who need it.

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