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About Echo Hearing Center

When looking for a hearing health care specialist, some of the key qualities you should be looking for in your audiologist is someone who is compassionate, knowledgeable, and who will provide you with continual, personalized care. And here at Echo Hearing Center, that is exactly what you will receive.

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Our Mission

At Echo Hearing Center, we have a three-part mission which we focus on to provide the best hearing health care possible. Our focus is to:

  • Provide honest and helpful hearing loss education and advice.
  • Always offer personalized hearing solutions that will solve your problem and address your specific needs.
  • Consistently give all patients ongoing and caring service for your long-term hearing healthcare.

By focusing on this mission, we are able to provide everyone who enters our Denver-based hearing clinic the best service possible.

Meet Our Audiologist

Nathan Gilchrist is proud to be the owner and head audiologist for Echo Hearing Center. Nathan grew up in the Denver area and is now thrilled to be serving as a hearing specialist for the Denver community.

He earned his undergraduate degree from the University of New Mexico, and his graduate degree in audiology from the University of Arizona in 2005. Nathan Gilchrist has extensive experience in providing a range of audiological services such as hearing evaluations and tinnitus treatment.

Nathan also excels and specializes in providing hearing rehabilitation services including hearing aid recommendation and care. Nathan has worked very closely with many ear, nose, and throat (ENT) physicians, along with other specialists and healthcare professionals from the medical community in the Denver metropolitan area. That way, if your hearing health care needs go beyond his specialization, Nathan can help you find a specialist who can help you.

In his free time, Nathan enjoys music, skiing, golfing, and most of all spending time with his wife and three adorable children.

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Why Choose Echo Hearing Center

When looking for a reliable hearing clinic, Echo Hearing Center should be at the top of your list. While corporate chain hearing centers are required to push certain services and hearing aid brands, we are an independent hearing center, which means you can trust that our recommendations will always be in your best interest.

Our Focus on Your Hearing

As an independent hearing clinic, we can take time to offer personalized hearing care to everyone who comes into our hearing center. This individualized care means our audiologist can hone in on your specific hearing needs, learn more about your lifestyle, and develop an effective care plan to help your hearing throughout the years.

In fact, our approach to personalized hearing care has helped many people who had previously had negative experiences with hearing aids and other hearing aid dispensers. As we take the time to address your specific hearing needs, you can feel free to ask any questions so you can stay empowered throughout the process.

Our Hearing Services

One of the main ways we focus on your hearing is by providing a variety of audiological services which can help you enjoy improved hearing in all situations. Some of our key services are:

  • Diagnostic Hearing Evaluations – Beyond a simple hearing screening, a diagnostic hearing evaluation allows our audiologist to hone in on your specific level of hearing loss, what caused the hearing loss, and how it may have affected your ability to hearing and recognize speech.
  • Balance Evaluations – Your balance can be affected by what goes on inside your ears. If you have been having difficulties with your balance, our audiologist can provide you with a balance evaluation to help determine where your balance issues stem from.
  • Hearing Aid Dispensing and Fittings – To access the top hearing aid brands, you need to go through an authorized hearing aid dispenser, which our audiologist is one. Also, hearing aids are not one-size-fits-all. Our hearing specialist can fit your chosen hearing aids and reprogram them to work with your level of hearing loss.
  • Hearing Aid Repair – As you wear your hearing aids on a daily basis, it is likely that they will undergo a little wear and tear. At our Denver hearing clinic, you can bring in your hearing aids for repair, as our audiologist is experienced in the care of most styles and brands of hearing aids.
  • Tinnitus Treatment – Hearing loss and tinnitus are often connected, so our audiologist has developed an expertise in helping those with tinnitus find the correct treatment option. Even if your tinnitus is not connected to any hearing loss, there are treatment choices which our hearing specialist can provide you with to alleviate your tinnitus symptoms.

Contact Us Today

If you are ready to work with a hearing specialist who will put your hearing and lifestyle needs first, contact us for an appointment. We look forward to seeing you!

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