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Image of Hand holding hearing aid

Are you looking for a way to show someone you care this Christmas? Consider giving them something invaluable: the gift of hearing.

Many people who need hearing aids put off getting them, either due to general procrastination or because they fear they can’t afford them. You can help your hearing-impaired loved one get over this hurdle by setting up their appointment with an expert audiologist.

If a hearing test reveals someone you love–say your mom or dad–needs hearing help, you may want to pay for some or all of their hearing aids. It’s a way to thank them, loud and clear, for all they’ve done. And at Echo Hearing Center, your Denver area audiologists, we work with you to find the most affordable hearing aid options.

Consider A Seasonal Upgrade

You may also have a relative or friend who has hearing aids that need replacing. People’s level of hearing loss changes over time and their hearing aids need to be updated, just like a glasses prescription. Further, newer hearing aids come equipped with a remarkable amount of technology, from wireless streaming to build-in tinnitus management tools.

It’s common, though, for people to continue to wear old hearing aids with insufficient amplification. One cause for this avoidance is that hearing loss is often such a gradual process that you don’t notice it’s worsening.

Hearing Aid Accessories Abound

If you have someone on your Christmas list who already has top-notch hearing aids, there are many accessories that make attractive gifs. You can find some of these rights at your audiologist’s office or from a variety of online sources. Here are just a few options that will let you make like Santa Clause and go to town:

  • A dehumidifier pot. Store your hearing aids in it at night to removing moisture and prolonging the lifespan of your hearing aids.
  • A TV Connector. Stream your television’s audio or music wirelessly, with stereo sound.
  • Hearing aid batteries. These are great stocking stuffers; just make sure you buy batteries compatible with your loved one’s hearing aid model.
  • An external microphone. These tiny mics clip onto clothing or rest on solid surfaces, wirelessly streaming important sounds into your hearing aids. These include voices like a public speaker in a noisy auditorium.
  • Hearing aid pride gear. There are many fun T-shirts out there, including one from the Redbubble site boasting membership in the“Bionic Ear Club.” and a graphic tee from the LookHuman site featuring a stylized hearing aid and the cool slogan, “Turnt Up.”

Echo Hearing Center provides a full array of hearing services to patients in Denver and Englewood. We pride ourselves in using the latest technology to detect and correct hearing issues. Contact us today to make an appointment for yourself or a loved one.